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Our process depends on your specific debt collection needs, however usually involves a range of demand letters, telephone negotiations, SMS and email demands and solicitors letters.

If necessary legal proceedings can be issued through our solicitors.

Best practice dictates that you have your client complete a written agreement or credit application.

If you cannot do this then you need to ensure that you can clearly identify who you are dealing with. Ensure you get their ABN as this is the primary means of identifying a debtor.

Read our Help Bulletin

The duration of each job depends on a range of criteria such as:

  • If we need to find the address of the debtor
  • If the debtor is genuine in their desire to repay you, and do they have the financial capacity to do so.
  • If the debt needs to be repaid by installments
  • If legal action is necessary (this can be a lengthy process).

For a timeline that is specific to you, chat to us on 1300 729 809

Yes, if you have a signed written agreement to do so; or you advertise this fact on your invoices; or your T&C’s outline this and you can prove the debtor was aware of them.

Debt collectors are otherwise prohibited from recovering fees from a debtor.

Legal costs are always recoverable if judgement is obtained at court.

Even if you cannot add our fees you can still expect to receive a significant net gain with a successful collection.

Yes, if you are successful in obtaining a court judgement, the court may make an award for a sum that will include debt, interest and legal costs. However, if your legal action is defended and you lose the case, then the magistrate may make an order for costs against you in favour of the defendant/s, and in this case, you would be liable for our costs too.

If you are delivering goods to a client, then it is vital that you can prove that the delivery took place. POD can take the form of a courier’s delivery report or otherwise a signature should be obtained (person’s name required too and date) on a form that confirms this. One of the most difficult areas to prove a debt revolves around POD.

Whether the debt is current or delinquent, correct acceptance and credit procedures are the keys to successful debt collection.

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If you have any other questions, call us on 1300 729 809 and one of our team members can assist you.