Score Debt Collection Agency Fees - Our Rates & Prices

Our fees are cost effective for
small to medium businesses
in Melbourne and across Australia

Score Debt Management have established a fee structure designed specifically for small to medium business allowing you fees normally reserved for high volume users

Your Investment of a small upfront fee ensures a greater effort from us to secure payment for you. (Do not be fooled by agencies that offer a no fee facility. After all what would you do for nothing?)

Please review our debt collection agency prices & rates below

Casual Users

Small Up Front Fee – Pay No Commission

Rate A – $35.00 per debtor

All debts Commission 16.5%

Minimum commission per payment $15.00

Rate B – $65.00 per debtor

Debts up to $14,999.99 Commission 13.5%
Debts over $15,000.00 Commission 10%

Minimum commission per payment $10.00

No Up Front Fee – Pay Higher Commission

Rate D

Debts up to $1,000 Commission 29%
Debts between $1,000.01 & $4,000 Commission 20%
Debts between $4,000.01 & $15,000 Commission 15%
Debts over $15,000 Commission 11%

Minimum commission per payment $10.00

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Volume Users

Rate B – Volume Discount

The discount below will apply now and to all future debts placed as well.

(Relates to debts placed with the initial placement… Debts cannot include bankrupts, company insolvencies, disputes or non-trading companies)

3 to 5 debts Rate drops to $50.00
6 or more debts Rate drops to $35.00
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 If you have the correct documentation you can recoup our fees from the debtor.